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August 19 2016

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I felt like drawing older connie in some beautiful Sarees. This is just the first installment :D 


Older Connie in more Sarees (and one anarkali ) Part II! :D 


Connie in traditional Indian Fashion Part III 

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August 15 2016

August 14 2016

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shes sooo cute!!!

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I think I need to polish it a liiiiiittle bit more, especially the writing cuz my digital handwriting sucks, but… well…
My entry for the Night Vale Contest. I hope I stand a chance! There are so many awesome entries on tumblr already! I would wear them all! D:

Anyways~ have some fluff <3

this is so Welcome To The Black Parade, I LOVE IT
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July 31 2016

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July 30 2016

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July 24 2016

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July 23 2016

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by Van Kladderadatsch / Feb. 2016
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